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Custom Deck Construction

Residential Deck
We build beautiful custom decks!

Extensive Experience

Call Round Rock Deck Contractor to build a custom deck for your home. We have the experience and training to build you the highest quality and best looking deck for your residential property. Our deck designers come to your home, assess the area, and discuss with you the options for your project. Our expert craftsmen are skilled in the creation of various styles of decks, and with several types of woods.

Various Options

Whether you are looking for a multi-leveled, large deck structure, or a smaller open area, our design team presents to you the design options. Then, we work together with you, making your deck dreams come true. In addition, since there are pros and cons to working with different types of deck materials, we explain those considerations in the design phase. We thoroughly discuss with you the options available to ensure you get a deck that meets your needs and expectations. When hiring the professionals at Round Rock Deck Contractor, you make informed decisions and have many options in the creation of your deck.


We offer the following types of custom decks:

Cedar Decks

Cedar decks are an affordable option that create a durable and attractive deck for your property.  This type of wood sustains the Central Texas heat without splintering, warping or rotting. It is recommended to stain these decks every few years to keep them in the best condition possible.

Redwood Decks

Redwood decks are easy to care for, beautiful and hardy. These decks are a popular choice because the wood can be used to create additional pieces such as railings, benches and flower boxes. This wood does not shrink, crack, or splinter. Additionally, it is important to stain and treat these decks to keep them in top working order.

Treated Pine Decks

Treated pine decks are strong and dependable. Decks constructed with this type of wood provide you with a deck to enjoy for many years because they are more resistant to termites and rot. Treated pine decks are slightly more expensive, due to their many benefits, but are worth the cost because of the peace of mind they provide.

CertainTeed Vinyl Decking

CertainTeed vinyl decking is a highly durable alternative to wood decking and is considered eco-friendly. These decks are fire resistant, don’t scratch or stain, and are super easy to maintain. A deck of this quality is an investment that improves the look and value of your home.

Composition Deck Materials

Composition deck materials are newer on the market and are comprised of recycled materials and cedar fiber. Since they are made of recycled materials, these decks are eco-friendly and virtually indestructible. In addition, composite decks are unaffected by the sun and weather, and require no maintenance. In conclusion, for the homeowner who wants a deck that lasts forever and requires no upkeep, this is the choice for you!

As you can see, we know a lot about decks! Our design team is ready and waiting to begin your deck building project today. Call us for a free consultation and quote for your custom deck.