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Pergola and Arbor Construction

Pergola construction in a backyard
Pergola and arbor construction should compliment the line of your home.

Add beauty and style.

The addition of a pergola or arbor to your property brings style, beauty, and comfort. Round Rock Deck Contractor is highly experienced in pergola and arbor construction. Therefore, we build beautiful structures that compliment your backyard area. Pergolas and arbors are designed to provide shade from full sunlight. The roof, and sometimes the sides of the structure, are constructed to allow some light to shine in. This allows you to better see your surroundings. Understandably, the creation of these lovely structures provides an invitation for you to spend more time outside.

Add a focal point for your property.

Consider growing climbing vines or flowering vines along the outside of your pergola. This dramatically increases the natural look of the structure. Understandably, pergolas and arbors are often focal points of the backyard and act as backdrops for picture taking. You now have a place to take pictures to commemorate every important and momentous event. Imagine the lovely photos taken on your newly designed structure! Contact Round Rock Deck Contractor and begin the addition of an arbor or pergola on your residential or commercial property.

Arbor with pink flowering vines
We are experts in pergola and arbor construction.

Quality materials.

We are skilled builders, and we have extensive experience using many types of wood. Our crew understands the importance of knowing how the type of wood selected effects the longevity of what is built. Our project manager happily educates you on the various options regarding wood selection. For example, we discuss the durability, flexibility, and quality of the different types of wood for your project. Typically, Round Rock Deck Contractor uses treated pine, redwood, and cedar for these type of projects. Of course, you choose the type of wood you prefer.

Customize your structures.

In addition to choosing the type of wood we use, we also have a wide variety of stain colors. Whether you prefer a darker stain, or a more natural look, we stain the structures that we build for you. Also, it is important to stain the wood every 3-5 years in order to keep it looking nice and to increase its longevity. Of course, Round Rock Deck Contractor provides needed maintenance care.


On Site Consultation

Our designers are the best for creating beautiful backyard spaces. Call us for a consultation to discuss the many options we have available to you. One of our project managers will come to your home, assess the area, and listen to your ideas. Next, we work together with you to develop plans for your pergola or arbor. It is essential that you are happy with the designs before building starts. Because your satisfaction is our number one goal, our team carefully listens to your input. Lastly, the transformation of your property begins. You will delight in watching us build a structure that is inviting and visually pleasing. Work together with us to add style and beauty to your property. Round Rock Deck Contractor provides places to make many happy memories with family and friends.