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Covered Patio Construction

Covered Patio Round Rock TX
We specialize in covered patio construction.

Spend more time outside.

One of our favorite things to offer customers is our covered patio construction services. We believe life is better and more enjoyable when spent outside. Therefore, we want to help you enjoy the outdoors. Round Rock Deck Contractor considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to transform your backyard into an inviting place for you and your family to gather. We know that Central Texas heat and unpredictable weather can definitely effect your ability to spend time outside and plan outdoor activities. However, when you add a covered patio to your backyard, you give your family the ability to be outside, regardless of the weather.

Protection from the elements.

A covered patio provides shelter from the sun, wind, and rain. The roof keeps patio furniture from fading and wearing out quickly, as well as keep it dry from rain. Also, outdoor parties don’t have to be cancelled due to weather when you have a covered patio. Even in the rain, you can still enjoy your friends and family under the protection of your covered patio.

In addition, the roof of the patio is a great place to install ceiling fans that will move the air and cool the area. Misting fans are also a very popular option to add to your covered patio because they provide relief from hot weather. Do you like to party at night? Install outdoor lighting in the roof of your patio cover and spend even more time in your backyard oasis. Adding a covered patio increases the living space of your home and adds value to your property.

Covered patio
Outdoor lighting is stylish and functional.

Quality Craftsmanship

We use the highest quality materials in all of our deck, pergola and arbor, and covered patio construction. Our structures are as beautiful as they are durable. When Round Rock Deck Contractor builds something, you are guaranteed that it will last for many years to come. The screws we use are countersunk for your protection, and we use treated pine wood for framing, posts, and joists. This type of wood provides durability for the structure. We also treat and stain your finished product to ensure its beauty and functionality.

Round Rock TX Covered Patio
Eat dinner under your covered patio.

Make your dreams come true.

Allow yourself to imagine all the fun you could have if you had a covered and protected space outside. You are essentially extending the square footage of your home into your backyard, and giving your family more room to enjoy life. Host bigger parties and eat family dinners outside. Plan kids birthday parties in the backyard and keep the mess outside! Consider hooking up a television and watching games from the comfort of your covered patio. As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Partner with Round Rock Deck Contractor and let us build you something that will improve your quality of life and add value to your property. Our customers are always so happy they hired us, and you will be too. Call our office for your free onsite quote today!